Shenzhen JKTech Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated in year of 2014; HQ office is located in Shenzhen City, China. It was founded by the senior experts with more than 10 years’ experience in SMT assembly industry.

Our primary goal remains focused on cost effective production equipment and technology know-how for our customers in the SMT manufacturing industry, we are committed to provide the industry’s most competitive solutions.

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    FOUNDED IN 2014
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  • LED UV Curing Oven (Batch Oven)

    LED UV Curing Oven (Ba...

    Features of the machine: 1.The LED lamp beads adopt UVLED lamp beads imported from Seoul, South Korea, with slow attenuation and long life.   2.LED lamp beads are equipped with protection functions such as short circuit, overcurrent, and overtemperature.   3.The light source power can be set independently and displayed as a percentage, and the power adjustment accuracy can reach 1%. (the starting power of...

  • Online LED UV Curing Oven

    Online LED UV Curing Oven

    Features of the machine:     The guide rail of the equipment adopts stainless steel long pin chain (pin length 5mm); the transmission width is 50~450mm, and the transmission speed is 0.5~5 meters, which is electrically adjustable.     Equipped with 2 groups of 395-band LED light sources, the intensity of LED light source irradiation amplitude: ≥1100mW/cm² (light box material: aluminu...

  • On-line mercury lamp UV curing oven

    On-line mercury lamp U...

    Features of the machine: This machine adopts a high-pressure mercury lamp (UV lamp), and the main peak wavelength of the spectrum is 365 nanometers. According to the process requirements, it adopts a focus design or a parallel light design, so that the equipment can meet your process needs. Single lamp or multi-lamp design, the number of lights can be freely controlled; precise speed control device, wide s...

  • Air Convection Curing Oven

    Air Convection Curing ...

    Features of the machine: 1.This machine is used for glue cruing, applied in application of Conformal Coating, Under-filling, Potting and Sealing and Bonding etc. 2. Good temperature uniformity, temperature difference between different positions of the curing area within +/-2.5℃. 3. High efficiency,Time saving, batch processing in a standard 50-layer stock frame, saving glue pre-dry time and curing time. 4....

  • UV Spot Curing System

    UV Spot Curing System

    Feature : ■ Powerful curing system with high-intensity LEDs, life-span is up to 20,000Hrs. ■ Lower energy consumption. ■ Fast cure times between 1-10 seconds. ■ No warm-up time required. UV Lens (φ3~φ10mm) ■ One controller controls up to 16 LEDs to maximize the application flexibility. ■ LED heads for 365,385,395,405, or 415nm wavelengths to accommodate a...

  • Mini UV LED curing Machine

    Mini UV LED curing Mac...

    Feature : ■ Our systems offer consistent, fast, and safe cures of UV and LED curable adhesives, coatings, and inks ■ Fast cure times between 1-30 seconds ■ Bench-top conveyor ■ Customizable conveyor width up to 550mm ■ Conveyor belt speed: 0.3 ~ 3.0m/min ■ Customizable vertical clearance ■ Traditional metal halide UV lamp and LED curing systems are available and selectable ■ Adjustable lamp-to-belt distance ■ Configured ...

  • UV Glue Dispensing & Curing Machine

    UV Glue Dispensing �...

    Feature : ■ Our systems offer consistent, fast, and safe cures of LED (single lightwell) curable adhesives, coatings, and inks ■ Fast cure times between 1-30seconds ■ Bench-top shuttle tables ■ Standard with single table up to 300x300mm working area, Dual tables is option to saving handing time ■ Adjustable lamp-to-product distance ■ Configured with high-intensity LED lamps which provide 100 to 2500mw/cm² for varied ap...

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  • What is V-cut? Why PCB need to design V-cut on it?

    What is V-cut? Why PCB need to design V-cut on it? - From: I am a Manufacturing Process Engineer (MPE) (researchmfg.com) The term “V-cut” in the context of printed circuit boards (PCBs) refers to predefined cutting lines made by PCB manufacturers based on customer drawings. These lines are typic...

  • New Generation Automatic Inline V-cutting Machine Released

    JKTech Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2014 and headquartered in Shenzhen City, China, is a leading provider of V-cutting depaneling solutions in the SMT assembly industry. With a team of senior experts boasting over a decade of experience, the company is dedicated ...