LED Curing Machine

  • Mini UV LED curing Machine

    Mini UV LED curing Machine

    Model: UV200INL

    Bench-top conveyors consist of a moving mesh belt that passes through a chamber area with curing lamps mounted above or side for fast component curing, can be equipped standard metal halide (longwave) bulbs or LED lamps, according to the process throughput and UV glue curing requirements, can be configured with one, two, or four UV or LED flood lamps, or mixing types of lamps to accommodate a variety of curing applications.

  • LED UV Curing Oven (Batch Oven)

    LED UV Curing Oven (Batch Oven)

    This UVLED curing box is equipped with 1 group of 365nm wave band, the optical power is 250mw/cm2, and the light emitting area is 350X350mm air-cooled UVLED cold light source, with ultraviolet radiation High illumination intensity, good spot uniformity, etc. Special product size Points, simple operation, intelligent PLC control system and high-power LED chip module provide guarantee for high curing efficiency and quality stability, and can meet Perfect use by customers in multiple fields. Reliability, stability and shorter curing times are important indicators.

  • Online LED UV Curing Oven

    Online LED UV Curing Oven

    Online LED UV curing furnace is mainly used for glue curing in the fields of coating, bonding, lamination and disinfection of automobiles, medical care and consumer electronics.