LED UV Curing Oven (Batch Oven)

Short Description:

This UVLED curing box is equipped with 1 group of 365nm wave band, the optical power is 250mw/cm2, and the light emitting area is 350X350mm air-cooled UVLED cold light source, with ultraviolet radiation High illumination intensity, good spot uniformity, etc. Special product size Points, simple operation, intelligent PLC control system and high-power LED chip module provide guarantee for high curing efficiency and quality stability, and can meet Perfect use by customers in multiple fields. Reliability, stability and shorter curing times are important indicators.

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Features of the machine:

1.The LED lamp beads adopt UVLED lamp beads imported from Seoul, South Korea, with slow attenuation and long life.


2.LED lamp beads are equipped with protection functions such as short circuit, overcurrent, and overtemperature.


3.The light source power can be set independently and displayed as a percentage, and the power adjustment accuracy can reach 1%. (the starting power of curing equipment is 8-100%)


4.With automatic, manual, and other irradiation modes.


5. Equipped with perfect external I/O control interface to realize the perfect connection with automation equipment;


6.Touch operation panel, simple and intuitive operation.


7.Scientific heat dissipation structure design to ensure the normal range of equipment operating temperature and constant output of optical power


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Technical specifications:

project  Specifications Remark
LED wavelength 365nm   
Optical power 365nm: 250mw/cm2 (100%, 20mm height LS128 energy meter test) Optical power can be adjusted according to the light source power
Irradiated area 350mm*350mm  
Irradiation distance 20mm~100mm(manually adjust the tray)    
power consumption Below 1500W  
Control System PLC  
Irradiation time 0-999S adjustable (touch screen operation adjustment setting)  
Function User management password, alarm record, automatic induction start  
safety protection Light source temperature monitoring, irradiation time monitoring, leakage protection, short circuit and open circuit protection, fault prompt, shading treatment,  
Dimensions Curing machine size: about L500W470H500mm  
Power supply specification  1) 220VAC/50HZ/1500W    

2) The machine comes with a 2m long wire


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