Hot Bar Machine-Pulsed Heat Thermode Soldering Machine

Short Description:

Use thermode technology (Hot Bar) that based on rapid reflow by pulse heating to effectively solder flexible board on the PCB. Closed loop process control is used to control the time-temperature profile.

Application : Suitable for soldering TAB, FPC to PCB/FPC, and FFC to PCB; It can also meet the hot-pressing requirements of ACF and ACA.

Product Detail

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 Touch screen program interface.
 CCD+displayer offers accurate positioning and soldering quality check.
 Self-developed software, fool-style programming.
 Dual-table design, customized soldering head and fixtures of the soldering joints of parts on PCB soldering simultaneously, improve productivity and soldering quality.
 Special alloy of heating-head to ensure temperature stability, fast heating speed and extend life-span time.
 Programable heating profile: temperature / rise rate/soldering time/ cooling time…etc via the touch screen.
 Digital temperature controller with precise PID control.
 Adjustable soldering head level, ensure the assembly process leveling and soldering quality.
 Flexible press-head designed, and the press force on PCB can be adjusted.


Ultra-fine pitch welding can be achieved. Real-time temperature display & Close-loop control; Soldering time about 3-5seconds. 

Cost effective solution for: 

1. FPC-PCB soldering
2. FPC-FPC soldering
3. FPC-ceramic wafer soldering
4. FPC-ink cartridge plus chip soldering


Model HBS200p
Language Chinese & English
Z-axis movement mode Std cylinder, Option servo motor
Starting mode Button
Soldering head size Max. 70*5mm, Customizable
Min. FPC pitch 0.2mm
Position accuracy ±25um
Soldering time 1-99.9s, Adjustable
Soldering pressure 1-20Kgf, Adjustable
Heating-up mode Pulse-heat
Temperature range RT – 500 Deg C
Temp. control accuracy +/-5 Deg C
Working area 1.8 -10.2Inch
Working table Dual-tables
Connected power 3.2KW
Air supply 0.5 – 0.7Mpa
Power supply AC220V±10%, 50/60HZ
Work environment 10-60ºC
Machine weight 300Kg
Footprint 700 x 700 x 1560mm


1. Cylinder: SMC

2. Relay: Omron

3.Touch screen: Panasonic

4. CDA regulator: SMC

5. Controlling system: Self-Owned Brand

6. Power transformer: 220V, 4000W

7. Vacuum pump: SMC

8. PLC: Panasonic or Siemens

9. Vacuum Generators: SMC

10. Temperature controller: Omron

11.CCD: Dehong, Hikvision

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