BGA Solder Ball

Short Description:

Special solder balls for BGA rework and laser ball placement. The ball diameter ranges from φ70um to φ1.0mm. The alloy composition includes commonly used SAC305, SNCU…etc.

Product Detail

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1. Application:

It is a lead-free BGA ball applied in IC packaging and motherboard ball-planting process.

2. Feature:

Model: SAC305-Q600UM

2.1 Alloy composition: Sn/Ag3.0/Cu0.5

2.2 Shape: Spherical




2.3 Appearance: Silver white, no pollutants, no impurities, without umbilication, no bumps, no connecting ball.

2.4 Package size:


2.5 Standard: refer to JIS Z 3282-2017

2.6 Character: Made of pure tin, pure silver and pure copper with very low impurity content.

2.7 Application: IC packaging, motherboard ball-planting process.

2.8 Melting point: 217-219℃

2.9 Density: 7.38g/cm3(20℃)

2.10 Anti-oxidation test: The color difference is △ E<0.5 before and after the experiment.

2.11 Baking test: temperature: 125℃, time:24h, no obvious color change (by visual).

2.12 High temperature and humidity test: temperature: 85℃, humidity: 85%RH, time: 5h, no obvious darkening on the surface.




3. Recommend reflow profile


























Remark: It is a recommended reflow curve and the process should be adjusted according to the different reflow equipment and conditions.


4. Alloy composition(w.t.%):


錫(Sn) 銀(Ag) 銅(Cu) 鋅(Zn) 鋁(Al) 銻(Sb) 鐵(Fe) 砷(As) 鉍(Bi) 鎘(Cd) 鉛(Pb) 鎳(Ni)
餘量 3.0±0.2 0.5±0.2 ≤0.001 ≤0.001 ≤0.2 ≤0.02 ≤0.03 ≤0.1 ≤0.002 ≤0.07 ≤0.01


5. Quality standard

5.1 Appearance:

Visual judgment, surface bright, no pollutants.

5.2 Alloy composition, impurity( w. t . % ):

The alloy composition of each batch solder balls was measured by SPARK.

5.3 Sphere diameter

5.3.1 1250 solder balls were randomly selected from each batch.

5.3.2 The diameter of 1250 solder balls were measured by automatic ball diameter detector and the average value D.

was calculated.

5.3.3 Take the average value D as the diameter of this batch of solder balls.

5.4 Diameter distribution:

5.4.1 Calculate the number of solder balls in the allowable range by using the random 100 balls sphere diameter data in the 5-3-2 result, and calculate the diameter distribution further more.


6 . Final inspection


Validity: 12 months. The OQC report shall record the inspection results and be sent along with products.

7. Storage condition:

Temperature: 18 -30 ℃ Humidity: 30-65% Environment: closed and dust-free

In principle, the products should be used up after opening.

8. Package and label

8.1 20 bottles in one box.

8.2 The label shall be marked with supplier, solder ball alloy, part No., Lot No., Quantity, Mfg Date.

8.3 Bottle label as follows:


9. Attentions for transportation

9.1 Packing when shipping: 20 bottles in one carton.

9.2 The returned must be packed in accordance with the packing when shipping.

9.3 OQC report is sent along with products.

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