Teflon conveyor belt

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Teflon conveyor belt for UV curing system


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 Material and Appearance Description:

Stainless steel material: usually a herringbone mesh structure, its specifications (including length, width, mesh diameter, mesh) can be determined according to user requirements, color: stainless steel color.


Teflon material: Usually the raw material is glass fiber, and the surface coating is Teflon. The common ones are black and light yellow. There are single weft and double weft structures. The double weft is more durable and the mesh is usually 5. *5mm, thinner or no mesh (called Teflon belt), can also be customized according to user requirements。

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 Features introduction:

1) Conveyor belt features: stainless steel material has a stronger load capacity than Teflon, strong heat conduction ability, better cleanliness, and durability. It is suitable for machines with a small speed range, such as: 0-15m/min speed range, etc. When the speed is fast, the noise is relatively large, which can be overcome by installing wear-resistant strips.

2) Service life: 2~3 years (without scratches, damage or corrosion)

3) Teflon material conveyor belt: suitable for very small products or sheet products, especially the down suction machine, high-speed printing matching UV machine, the load capacity is weaker than stainless steel, and the speed range can be realized: 0~ 150m/min, less noise at high speed;

4) The two are applied to small machines (meaning that the conveying width does not exceed 300mm), they can be used interchangeably, and there is no obvious difference.

5) Both are resistant to UV aging. The instantaneous temperature resistance of Teflon is about 180 degrees. It is recommended to keep dynamic use under the condition of less than 120 degrees.

6) Stainless steel has strong temperature resistance and can be used in high temperature environments.


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