Spot UV Curing System

  • UV Spot Curing System

    UV Spot Curing System

    Model: SpotUV

    LED UV spot curing system delivers optimized curing energy to a very precise location, can be used manually by an operator in a bench-top system or integration into a high-speed automated assembly line; typically cure LED light-curable adhesives and coatings in 1 to 10 seconds.

  • On-line mercury lamp UV curing oven

    On-line mercury lamp UV curing oven

    This machine adopts a high-pressure mercury lamp (UV lamp), and the main peak wavelength of the spectrum is 365 nm. According to the process requirements, it adopts a focus design or a parallel light design, so that the equipment can meet your process needs.
    Single lamp or multi-lamp design, the number of lights can be freely controlled; precise speed control device, wide speed range, stable performance; forced air cooling to ensure a suitable working temperature.
    achieved “24 hours continuous work”.

  • LED UV Curing Oven (Batch Oven)

    LED UV Curing Oven (Batch Oven)

    This UVLED curing box is equipped with 1 group of 365nm wave band, the optical power is 250mw/cm2, and the light emitting area is 350X350mm air-cooled UVLED cold light source, with ultraviolet radiation High illumination intensity, good spot uniformity, etc. Special product size Points, simple operation, intelligent PLC control system and high-power LED chip module provide guarantee for high curing efficiency and quality stability, and can meet Perfect use by customers in multiple fields. Reliability, stability and shorter curing times are important indicators.