Reflow Oven Profiler

Short Description:

Oven temperature profiler

1. Simple and easy operation. All data are managed with database and can be quickly imported with wizard into manufacturing process for analysis.

2. With intuitive PCC technique drawing, you can know if the manufacturing process is ok and see capacity index, without viewing analysis results.

3. High efficiency. Data can be stored up to 16 times continuously and can be downloaded to computer for group data viewing.

Product Detail

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● high efficiency, continuous storage data 16 times, at the same time to download to the computer grouping analysis;
● adopt modular analysis mode, simple, quick analysis system based on PC ( Windows ) and PDA ( Pocket ) for data analysis;
● The low power consumption, using lithium battery as the power supply, in continuous use for more than 60 hours,10 minutes to use fast charging;
● The mode of communication by serial port, USB and wireless transmission, suitable for a variety of work environment and application field of multilayer insulation protection, uses the stainless steel refining,
●may respond to the most severe lead-free process and endure the harsh industrial environment;
● The rigorous manufacture and accurate calibration services, all correction using FLUKE-724correction, with Chinas largest CTI calibration institutions partners.
● ensure that each machine is accurate, reliable has the advantages of small volume, large storage capacity (5000000data points ), using FLASH memory chip, any accident will not lose data;

● The simple and convenient in operation, all data are managed by database, can use the wizard to quickly import process analysis;
● The software is equipped with simple, complex, in English, Korean, Japanese and other languages;
● The high temperature protection, instrument internal temperature exceeds70degrees automatically closed test function, beyond 80degrees automatically closed power;
● The sampling frequency setting (0.05 seconds to 30 minutes);
● The measurement accuracy of ± 0.5℃( -40℃ ~ 1370℃), acquisition mode can choose the start button, temperature trigger to initiate or time start;
● The intelligent control of any situation, both the indicating tip ( power is low, the charge state, data download, data

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