Automatic In-line V-CUT Machine Model: JK-860R

Short Description:

Automatic inline V – CUT machine used to de-panel the PCBA panel with design of one-way & cross V-score lines, inline through the upper conveyor, automatic feeding the PCBA panel; The built-in robot sucks PCBA panel and puts it onto the bottom fixture; After the CCD automatically verifies the mark point of PCBA, the program controls the rotatable upper round blade to move to realize automatic de-paneling; when the de-paneling is completed, the robot will pick up the small de-paneled PCBA and place them on the outlet flat belt and put the waste tabs into the bottom collection bin.


Product Detail

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 PCB with V-CUT design

V-CUT process comparison:

  •  Manual V-cutting Process

-   Manual process, blades are exposed, there is a critical safety risk.

-   The PCBA has no support at the bottom and is easy to deform

-   Poor de-panel accuracy

-   The cutting strain stress is un-controllable

-   Low production efficiency and unstable capacity.



  • Automatic In-line V-Cutting Process