Air Convection Curing Oven

Short Description:

It is used for online curing of thermally cured glue. The glue on the PCBA is heated by high-speed hot air, and the curing temperature and time can be set according to the glue specifications.

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Features of the machine:

1.This machine is used for glue cruing, applied in application of Conformal Coating, Under-filling, Potting and Sealing and Bonding etc.

2. Good temperature uniformity, temperature difference between different positions of the curing area within +/-2.5℃.

3. High efficiency,Time saving, batch processing in a standard 50-layer stock frame, saving glue pre-dry time and curing time.
4. Space saving, making full use of horizontal space and footprint

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Technical specifications:

Dimension L3400*W1400*H1730mm
Magazien type Standard metal magazine 250,330,390,460
Curing temp.range room temp ~120℃
Temprature uniformity ±2.5℃
Heating power 9.6KW
Curing zone 3
Transportation direction Left to Right, Right to left(option)
Conveyor width adjustment Manual
Transportation height 400±20mm
Conveyor type Metal Chain
Power supply 380V,3phase,50/60 HZ
Power   10KW
Compress air 4-6kgf/cm²
Weight  ~1000kg
Exhaust system φ125mm, 1pc,350m³/H

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