Mini UV LED curing Machine

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Model: UV200INL

Bench-top conveyors consist of a moving mesh belt that passes through a chamber area with curing lamps mounted above or side for fast component curing, can be equipped standard metal halide (longwave) bulbs or LED lamps, according to the process throughput and UV glue curing requirements, can be configured with one, two, or four UV or LED flood lamps, or mixing types of lamps to accommodate a variety of curing applications.

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■ Our systems offer consistent, fast, and safe cures of UV and LED curable adhesives, coatings, and inks

■ Fast cure times between 1-30 seconds

■ Bench-top conveyor

■ Customizable conveyor width up to 550mm

■ Conveyor belt speed: 0.3 ~ 3.0m/min

■ Customizable vertical clearance

■ Traditional metal halide UV lamp and LED curing systems are available and selectable

■ Adjustable lamp-to-belt distance

■ Configured with high-intensity lamps which provide 100 to 2500mw/cm² to accommodate a variety of curing applications

Camera module curing

Camera module curing

Medical curing

Medical curing

BGA UV encapsulants

PCBA UV coating

Electronic digarette

Electronic cigarette

Lamp sources:

■ LED: 365/385/395/405nm

■ Metal halide or mercury lamp: UVA, UVB, UVC

■ Air temperature in machine chamber is <50°C

■ Forced air cooling & Water chiller cooling are available

■ Complete UV shielding

■ Free sample testing program available

PCBA coating


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Model UV200INL
Machine type Bench-top
Conveyor width 200mm, Customizable
Controlling HMI + Buttons
Conveyor type Metal mesh/Teflon belt/ESD belt
Conveyor speed 0.3~3.0m/min adjustable
Lamp sources Std LED, Metal mercury(optional)
LED Wave-length 365/385/395/405nm selectable
LED UV intensity Std 800mW/cm2, Customizable
Cooling Std force Air, Water chiller -optional
Power supply 220V 50Hz, 10A
Weight Approx. 50Kg
Footprint LxWxH Approx.1000 x 600 x 600mm

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