Online LED UV Curing Oven

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Online LED UV curing furnace is mainly used for glue curing in the fields of coating, bonding, lamination and disinfection of automobiles, medical care and consumer electronics.

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Features of the machine:



  • The guide rail of the equipment adopts stainless steel long pin chain (pin length 5mm); the transmission width is 50~450mm, and the transmission speed is 0.5~5 meters, which is electrically adjustable.



  • Equipped with 2 groups of 395-band LED light sources, the intensity of LED light source irradiation amplitude: ≥1100mW/cm² (light box material: aluminum alloy)



  • Energy-saving/normal production mode can be selected according to the production rhythm, and another light can be turned off to achieve low-energy production.

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Technical specifications:

product name LED UV curing machine
Product number  JK-450LED
Product Size 1500(L)*1050(W)*1540(H)mm
Light source warranty 20000H
power requirements  220VAC/50Hz
Number of light sources 2 sets of light sources
Power source  LED395NM/1 group, single 720W
Luminous size  350*150MM
main peak  365nm
lamp distance 50~150 electric adjustable
power regulation infinitely adjustable
cooling method air cooled
Conveying width  450mm
entrance height 100mm
transfer speed 0.1~5M (electrically adjustable)
total power  ~2.8KW

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