JKTECH PLASMA Cleaning Machine

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Plasma surface cleaning is a process in which impurities and contaminants of the sample surface are removed by the creation of high-energy plasma from gaseous particles, it was designed for various applications such as surface cleaning, surface sterilization, surface activation, surface energy alteration, surface preparation for bonding and adhesion, modification of surface chemistry.

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■ Removal the organic contaminants, improving material adhesion and promoting fluid flow

■ Application scenarios: surface preparation through surface activation and contamination removal before glue dispensing & coating process

■ Application products: electronic device assembly, printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and medical device manufacturing.

■ Spraying nozzle size: φ2mm~φ70mm available

■ Processing height: 5~15mm

■ PLASMA generator power: 200W~800W available

■ Working gas: N2, argon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, or a mixture of these gases

■ Gas consumption: 50L/min

■ PC control with option to connect factory MES system

■ CE marked

■ Free sample testing program available

■ Plasma cleaning principle

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■ Why choose Plasma Cleaning

■ Cleans even in the smallest cracks and gaps

■ Clean and safe source

■ Cleans all component surfaces in one step, even the interior of hollow components

■ No damage to solvent-sensitive surfaces by chemical cleaning agents

■ Removal of molecularly fine residues

■ No thermal stress

■ Fit for immediate further processing (which is highly desired)

■ No storage and disposal of hazardous, polluting and harmful cleaning agents

■ High quality and High-speed cleaning

■  Very low running cost

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Nozzles is various sizes


Model SKP-T300S-L2Silenced direct injection SKP-T500-L3Direct injection SKP-T800-S20Rotating
Power range 200-300W 300-500W 600-800W
Applicable nozzles 2mm 3/5/12mm 20/30/50/70mm
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