PCBA Dust Cleaning Machine

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Cleaning objects: hair, fiber, flying dust, paper scraps, copper scraps…etc.

Application scenario: using before PCB solder paste printing

Application products: mobile-phone MB board, 5G products, products with high voltage, high frequency and high impedance requirements, automotive electronics, products after laser marking…etc.

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■ Used for cleaning PCB surface dust and eliminate electricity static

■ In-line automatic cleaning machine, save time and labor

■ Configurated two sets of standard electrostatic eliminator on the entrance and exit end of conveyor, completely eliminate ESD remains on the PCB surface and as the standard to ensure the highest safety operation running

■ Draw-out design, the cleaning roller can be drawn out, making it easier to maintenance and changeover

■ Process width: 50 ~ 490mm, PCB thickness: 0.1 ~ 5.0 mm

■ The height of the cleaning roller is precisely adjustable

■ Various spec of rollers available


01005: 0.4mm x 0.2mm

■ Standardized with supporting rollers at the bottom of the PCB to prevent PCB warping and minimize stress changes

■ Configured board jam sensor inside and alarm timely

■ Process flow direction switchable, std is L to R

■ Fully adjustable support system ensuring the boards being processed are held in contact with the top cleaning module regardless of width and or thickness. No board jam in all process

■ Sticky paper usage time pre-setting by the software to avoid the paper waste and keep a high-quality performance in all process

■ Option- Built-in vacuum system to remove dirt, board scraps, fibers, hairs and other foreign bodies on the surface before roller cleaning

■ Cleaning method: ESD brush + standard dust clean roller (ESD roller is optional)

ESD capability: <50V (meeting “Huawei-Mobile Phone” products requirement)



Model SIZE Width (mm) Cleaning side ESD Brush Remark
RJ-1133C M 50 ~290 Single Top side no 19
RJ-1153C L 50 ~490 Single Top side no
RJ-1136C M 50 ~ 290 Both no  22
RJ-1156C L 50 ~490 Both no
RJB-1133C M 50 ~ 290 Single Top side std  25
RJB-1153C L 50 ~490 Single Top side std

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