JKTECH Laser Plastic Welding System

Short Description:

Laser plastic welding is often referred to as through-transmission welding, Laser welding plastic is cleaner, safer, more accurate and more repeatable than other more traditional methods of welding plastic components;

Laser plastic welding is a process of bonding plastic using focused laser radiation welding two types of thermoplastics with one another, the laser passes through the transparent part and the absorptive part will be heated, absorptive part converts laser to heat, heat conducts across interface to melt both parts.

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Feature :

■ Non-contact laser hot melting welding process

■ Three-optical coaxial IR laser

■ 80W powerful laser

■ Built-in closed-loop temperature measurement system

■ Configured CCD vision

■ Freely switch power/ temperature control mode

■ Built-in flux dispensing module

■ Built-in Solder wire feeder - optional –to be a laser soldering machine

■ Dual platforms up to 300x300mm working area

■ Lifespan of Laser source: >80,000+h

■ Easy for fixtures design & manufacturing

■ Complete UV shielding for safety

■ CE marked

■ Free sample testing program available

Infusion pump
Air tightness measuring element
Capsule gastroscope
Car taillight
Filter housing
Positioning sensor

Applicable materials list



Power supply:AC220V, Max.10A, < 2KW

Air supply:CDA>0.5MPa

Laser power:80W to 500W

Laser wavelength:915nm

Controlling system: PLC + PC

Fixture: Option

Working area:300mm X 300mm or customized.

Z- axis stroke:100mm

Solder wire feeder: Option

Shuttle table with semi-Auto operation

Software: English & Chinese

Footprint: 1100 x 900 x 1500mm

Welding Fixtures:

welding fixtures (1)
welding fixtures (2)

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