IC Packaging Converting Machine

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Patented design with PC controlling, it is able to convert the IC packaging from Tube/Tray/ Tape to Tape or Tray as needs, packaging with high quality and High UPH capability, Unit Per Hour is up to 6000.

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IC Tray



Tape / Reel


Tube packaging

Feature :

■  Automatic components loading, furling and sealing; Aoi marking & orientation inspection is optional.

■ Industrial PC controlled, easy to operate and programming.

■ Converting IC packaging from Tray to Tape or Tape to Tray, Tube to tray or Tape as needs.

■ Support 6~46mm tape width.

■ IC angle can be changed freely, pick and place with a high-speed Camshaft.

■ Optional function: Mark printing or CCD visual inspection.

■ Standard Auto-tray magazine design with compact size, and a short changeover time.

■ CE – Option.

■ Free sample testing program available.


Tape Sealing

NG marking

NG Marking

Position correction

Position Correction

High quality material Wide scalability
 ic pelmallt (1)  ic pelmallt (4)
Wide expandability compatible with packaging of multiple specifications

Super application compatibility 

 ic pelmallt (2)



E1=8~32mm, E2=3~26mm, t=0.3~0.5mm, e=4mm*Optional double needle wheel configuration can be compatible with double row pinhole carrying tape packaging

 ic pelmallt (3)

Compatible with varies of programmers

Auto-tray magazine

Built-in auto-tray design, compact in size, all special aluminum and is easy to maintain.

Maximum 25 trays storage capacity.

Automatic tray replenishes.

Compatible with JEDEC Tray standard: 12.70x 5.35” inches



If you are interested in our products, please email to Sales@jinke-tech.com

Packaging speed: 6000UPH
Packaging accuracy: ±0.05 mm
Max. IC size Lx W: 32 x 32mm
Max. Tape width: 46mm
Loading: Tube, Tape, Tray
Output: Tape, Tray
CCD AOI inspection: option
Auto-tray magazine: standard and compatible with JEDEC spec
Language: Chinese & English
Power supply: 220v 1 phase, 50 Hz, <1KW
Compress air: 0.4~0.6mpa, 45L/min
Footprint: L040 x W750x H1530 mm

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